About me

About Me

Luka Ilić

The Doctor is in the house.

I am a researcher at the Barcelona Supercomputing Center. I am currently working on the numerical modelling of dust mineral composition effects on radiation using the MONARCH model.

My PhD project at the Institute of Physics at the University of Belgrade was to model the influence of mineral dust on ice initiation in Dust Regional Atmospheric Model (DREAM). I was also shooting dust with lasers at Belgrade LIDAR station and other undisclosed locations.

During my time as an undergraduate student of meteorology, I have been working in the private sector. The operational numerical weather prediction workflow was based on GFS, Eta and WRF-NMM models. I ran models on HPC platforms SEEGRID and Maxeler. I enjoy coding in Fortran and Python.

In my free time I like travelling and eating delisious food while also having a go at different types of extreme sports.

My fascination and my passion as a scientist.

I love presenting my research inside and outside academia. Outside of my studies, I had also spent several years teaching mathematics to secondary school students. I continue to enjoy communicating my enthusiasm of my field to people of all ages to this day, which inspired this website. 

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Let's science this thing, together.

I love new projects and meeting others in my field. If you have any questions, comments, or projects, drop me a line!