The PRE-TECT Experiment


The PRE-TECT Experiment

Organized by the the National Observatory of Athens, the main goal was to characterize dust particles and advance research on the subject while coordinating with other European scientists working in the same field.

1st – 30th April, 2017

Our Group's Participation

The central part of our work was to produce and interpret the operational dust forecasts. This consisted of predicting when the dust was to blow in the Eastern Mediterranean and the actual concentration of dust, i.e. at which heights would dust expected to appear. We had also to investigate if there were conditions for ice to form on dust particles and how and when they were to form.

The ice forming on the particles was particularly interesting as at that moment in time, we were one of the few scientists performing that particular type of forecast. This information was then used in coordination of the ground based and aircraft measurements.

Although we had arrived two weeks into the campaign, the experience had given me the opportunity to meet at work with other scientists in my field.